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Love is Refusing to Ego-Box with Others

Love is a way of walking through life.  Love is a way of BE-ING in the world.  Love is peaceful, kind, cooperative, understanding, forgiving, patient, and honest.  To give the positive behaviors of love to the people we have affection and caring for we must BE these in our everyday life.  So we cannot ego-box with strangers on the road and come home peaceful and kind to our family. We cannot be selective with loving.  We are either loving or we are not.  In every moment, in every circumstance, we have the choice to lead with love or to lead with the behaviors of fear – rudeness, self-centeredness, anger, rage, entitlement, frustration, disappointment, control, blame, and judgment.

You get angry at someone for the stupid mistake he or she made and you’re going to bring that anger home.  People do careless things.  Sometimes we don’t think.  Sometimes we don’t seem to care if our actions are going to inconvenience another person or not.

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