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4 Relationship Secrets You Need to Know


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“I was forty-five years old before I found my right partner. It happened only after I stopped focusing on finding someone and concentrated completely on being someone worth finding.” – Regina


Are you ready to discover the reasons you have a hard time in relationship?

Want to know how to overcome a lack of self-love and feelings of inadequacy?

Do you have a hard time setting and maintaining clear boundaries?

Are you haunted by a painful past?

Want to get a handle on your steady stream of negative, limiting, and judgmental thoughts?

If so, 4 Relationships Secrets You Need to Know is a workshop for you!

This program provides hours of audio instruction filled with easy-to-understand, tangible actions you can take today that will result in immediate improvement in the relationship you have with yourself and others.

Review the transcript of the audio workshop recordings and highlight the exact information you need. Use the companion workbook as a step-by-step guided process of self-change. Each session provides the action steps you can begin taking TODAY to start creating loving relationships.

In 4 Relationships Secrets You Need to Know you’ll learn:

  • Why Loving Others Begins by Loving Yourself
  • How to Stop the Steady Stream of Negative Mind-Talk
  • Why “No” is Your Best Defense against Heartbreak
  • How Forgiveness Keeps the Past in the Past

Included are four (4) jam-packed audio recordings with over three hours of instruction, along with a fifty-one (51)–page transcript and forty-six (46)–page workbook. 

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