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A Rare Inspirational Find

Warning! Shocking NEWS coming…Barbara and I are fans of American Ninja Warriors. Yes, I know you’d think I’d be the type person to run as fast as possible from anything with Warrior in the title.  But I have to say when you get past the over the top hype from the announcers, Ninja Warriors is inspiring. It is positively uplifting to see men and women, of various ages, competing against themselves to get through an amazingly hard obstacle course.

I admire people who challenge themselves.  Not one of us improves to become better, happier, more fulfilled in life, without constantly challenging ourselves. Sure the show is a competition to see who finishes the course in the fastest time to be America’s Ninja Warrior. But beyond the one winner takes all concept, this competition is one where all of the contestants are pitted against a common challenge.  So each must be well trained, strong, and smart to survive the seemingly impossible feats they are asked to perform.

It is the common goal atmosphere that is a refreshing change in our sports world. In this show each and every competitor cheers for one another. Men for the women, young for the old. What a wonderful model for how we can all become closer as a human family by supporting one another in a common goal.

I believe one of the most important things we can share with our children, friends and family is positivity, encouragement, and support. My life changed dramatically for the better when I stopped watching violence, stupid programming and shows that pit one person against another.  Competition is not necessarily bad, but our culture places too much importance on success being defined as winning , often at all costs.

We will  create a better world when we find innovated ways to challenge ourselves while also supporting one another.  Check out Ninja Warriors sometime. I think you may also find it to be a shot of inspiration that leaves you feeling happy and pumped up in a very good heart kind of way.