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Forgive and Move On

Whether you are haunted by financial difficulties, divorce, sexual violations, betrayal, the death of a family member, infidelity, or abuse, or receiving a traffic ticket, you cannot change what happened by keeping your focus on the event. Wanting a situation to be different from the way it is causes you to be trapped in a cycle of anger, depression, hopelessness, victimization, and desire for revenge. It can make you give up on life.

When you choose to respond to life’s challenges with forgiveness, the bitterness and desire to assign blame vanish. Forgiveness helps heal emotional wounds so you do not inappropriately take your baggage out on those you say you love, or the strangers you meet each day. Forgiveness is truly the only way to take back your power from those who abused, judged, or ridiculed you.

My 37 page guide and workbook, along with my Forgiveness Ceremony and MP3 audio lesson will move you through the process of forgiving yourself and those who mistreat(ed) you. 

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