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Healthy Relationships Take Commitment and Work

“What Regina addresses are several negative, yet common experiences in relationship such as betrayal, how to let go of a person we love when they no longer want to be in relationship with us, and the openness necessary to establish trust and mutual respect. I was not taught love would sometimes hurt or how to overcome relationship challenges. This information opened my mind and heart to what it actually means to love through both the good times and the bad. Everyone can benefit from Regina’s hard won wisdom. ” – Sally R., Colorado

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What I Love You Really Means (18 pages)


Four Ways to Avoid Disappointment and Frustration in Relationship (40 pages text and workbook)


Why Ego-Boxing Keeps You Unhappy (31 pages text and workbook)


Four Relationship Secrets You Need to Know (English) (51 page text and 46 page workbook)


Four Relationship Secrets You Need to Know (Spanish) (51 page text and 46 page workbook)

101 Ways to Love Others

101 Ways to Love Others (11 pages)

Audio & Video Relationship Guidance