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Avoid Disappointment and Frustration in Relationship


Four Ways to Avoid Frustration and Disappointment in Relationships

Many years ago, I dated an alcoholic. I did not recognize the condition in the beginning, but over time it became clear as the incidents of intoxication began to add up. After each occurrence there was an apology, a request for forgiveness, and a promise it would not happen again. No matter how much I wanted the drinking to stop, it did not. No matter how much I prayed for follow-through on the endless promises to seek help, there was none. For too long I chose to believe what was promised, rather than accept the repeated negative actions as proof of what was actually true.

Over time I got so fed up with the lies, dishonesty, irresponsibility and projection of blame onto others I ended the relationship. I set a boundary against continuing to support negative, abusive and destructive behavior. I chose to remain true to the honorable values I hold dear rather than continue to enable someone with unresolved deep personal issues to mistreat me.

My MP3 audio lesson, 20-page PDF of text and companion 20-page workbook will help you let go of fantasies and unrealistic ideas of love. You’ll learn:

Who’s Out There Depends on What’s in You, You Cannot Change Anyone But Yourself,  It’s Healthy to Want Someone to Live Life With You, Not for You, & Saying No Upfront Helps Avoid Relationship Challenges

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