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Have Stress-Free Relationships

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Many of us lose heart by believing if we do not aggressively protect ourselves, other people will take advantage of us, abuse us, or view us as weak. This may seem true to those who view power only as having control over people or things. But true power comes from within, and I believe deep down most people are good. Good people derive their power from making the intentional choice to lead with the honorable values of their heart.

Each day you have opportunities to practice remaining aligned with your heart’s loving, compassionate and purposeful values or to stoop to the standards other people set for themselves. To consistently have the best life requires acting aligned with your heart. This requires accepting your mind is not the smartest part of you, no matter how much it tells you it is. The rationalizations and justifications your mind will create to defend ego-boxing behavior cause stress, frustration, and disappointment and can get you into trouble.

My MP3 audio lesson, 20-page PDF of text, and companion 11-page workbook prepare you to let go of ego-boxing for good.

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