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Stay True to Yourself While in a Relationship with Others

Stay True to Yourself

Whom do you love? Whose face appears in answer to this question? Is it your husband or wife, a girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner? Is it your daughter, son, mother, father, a grandchild, best friend, or a beloved pet? Is it the Divine? Regardless of who causes your affection to swell, a truth to engrave on your heart about love is this: To love others well, you must love yourself first.

All fulfilling relationships – whether they are friendships, family, or significant others, have one thing in common – they are made up of people who have a clearly defined sense of their own identity. Each person knows themselves so they are comfortable communicating their needs and desires to others. This is why in order to have the best relationships possible, you must be strong on your own, as an individual.

The 35-page PDF of text and workbook will help you:

Know What You Value
Be Okay Not Being Able to Change Others
Be Committed to Caring for Yourself First

In addition, I’ve included two audio lessons:

Set Healthy Boundaries & Taking Care of You is One Way You Love Others 

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