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Think Positively

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The Power of Positive Thinking

I did not lose 53 pounds, stop smoking, biting my fingernails, spending without awareness, or blaming other people for the challenges I created, overnight. I did not end negative relationships, lying to myself, or being dishonest with others by choosing to ignore my behavior. Wishing did not create change. And, there was no easy button or short cut to the successful achievement of my goals.

The secret is, I did not change anything negative about myself by continuing to tell myself I can’t. To change me I first had to change my thoughts from limiting to self-supporting. I had to eliminate negative thoughts such as – It is easier said than done. It is too hard.  I just can’t be consistent with the changes I want to make. When I believed these negative thoughts it was me limiting me. One day I got fed up with my own excuses and I said to myself I can do it, it is not too hard and yes I can consistently behave differently. WOW what a difference changing MY negative thoughts made.

This 25-minute MP3 audio lesson and 20-page PDF of accompanying text will help you become aware of the power of positive thinking to create the life and relationships you want.

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