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Love Yourself First to Love Others Well

Love is essential to creating a life of joy!  When you give love’s behaviors to yourself, you are able to love others. Loving yourself first is not selfish as you may have been told. Self-love is responsible and allows you to form healthy relationships.

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“I wish I had this information years ago but it really is never too late to learn and grow. What Regina offers here helped me realize how critical it is to love myself first, to take care of myself, to stay committed to my values so I create the best relationship with myself first, in order to create good relationships with others.” – Susan D., Ohio

Click on the Cover to Download These Written Guides


Stay True to Yourself While in Relationship with Others (35 pages text and workbook)


Uncover Who You Are and What You Want (28 pages text and workbook)

Set Boundaries Out of Love for Yourself (10 pages)

Taking Your Power Back

Take Your Power Back from Abuse (8 pages)

Bioidentical Hormones

Bio-identical Hormones, My Menopause Lifesaver (6 pages)

101 Ways to Love Yourself

101 Ways to Love Yourself  (11 pages)

Audio & Video Assistance on Self-Love and Respect