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Personal Empowerment Coaching

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Yes, You Can Heal

to live in happiness, self-acceptance and love. 

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If you’ve read my bio, my book or if you follow me on Facebook you know at one time my life was a mess.  I was subjected to mistreatment growing up like sexual abuse, bullying, ridicule, and people attempting to get me to conform to what they thought and believe.  In a twisted attempt to survive I inappropriately turned the abuse I suffered inward. I abused myself, money, my body and other people. BUT, one day I realized continuing to hurt myself or others, would never change the past and it would not get back at those people who hurt me. So, I chose to stop hurting myself and others by learning to love myself.

The truth is, I am who I am today because of what I overcame, not what I was subjected to.

You are what you choose to overcome too. And believe me, you ARE strong enough to overcome anything. You just have to love yourself more than you were abused.  I teach you how to love yourself.

I’ll serve as a non-judgmental reflection of your current thinking.

You will learn to recognize patterns of behavior, fear and self-doubt that prevent you from creating the self-love, respect and confidence you truly want. 

Together we’ll get you to where you want to be.

You will create a great relationship with yourself so you can have great relationships with others.

Are you ready to live the life you want?

Have a relaxed and focused mind.

Be confident, independent, respected and powerful.

Feel safe, heard, valued and wanted.

Be happy, connected and content.

Have freedom from regret, fear and loneliness.

Sessions are by telephone, in person or Skype.

First session is 1.5 hours – $150 US.

Additional sessions, if necessary, are 1 hour – $100 US.

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