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Love Yourself First, To Love Others Well

“Treat others as we want to be treated,” is the fundamental guiding principle of love espoused by all world religions. And when practiced in daily life you and I change everything for the better. From the relationships we have with our family, children, spouse, friends, bosses, neighbors, and strangers, to how we respect and care for the natural world and all life on our beautiful planet.

But to treat others as we want to be treated we must be clear on how we want to be treated. If we abuse ourselves it will be easy to justify abusing others.  If we refuse to forgive our mistakes we will not be able to forgive the mistakes of others. If we don’t know who we are, what we want from life, and what values we adopt to guide our behavior, we will lose ourselves in relationship with others. If we don’t support ourselves we won’t know how to support others. If we don’t respect ourselves we will not respect others. If we have not healed the parts of us that are broken we cannot be whole in relationship with others. If we focus on how other people need to change, we are not focused on changing the only person we can – ourselves.

Each of my FREE guides is designed to help you love yourself first so you can love others well. When you treat yourself with respect, compassion, forgiveness, honesty, you can give these behaviors of love to others.

PLEASE download and share the guides below. Also be sure to download my other FREE How-To-Guides to help protect the heart of those you love, break a negative habit, create sacred space, positively deal with a cancer diagnosis, and more. 


Regina Cates