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Say What You Say With Love


Words have power, that is why we must be responsible for what we tell ourselves and others. For instance, It’s not positive to say I have a bad back. Sure my back has been injured, operated on, and I have permanent nerve damage. But that does not make my back bad.

The words we choose influence our attitude. If we tell ourselves we have a bad back then the negative surrounding the word “bad” will permeate our conscious and subconscious. If we change the word bad to fragile or injured, we honor the physical state of our human being while doing so in a nurturing and supportive way.

The truth is I have a permanent injury to my back but my back still gets me around. I care about protecting my fragile back because I am blessed to be able to still do all that I can. That is a very “good” thing about my back. And for that reason I never tell myself I have a bad back.

One of the most powerful things you can ever do in life is to become the strict, compassionate, and loving gatekeeper of what you think and say.  Love is always supportive. Even when difficult things must be said we can always choose to say them in soft ways. Love yourself and others by carefully thinking about what you are going to say before you say it.  Be in command of your voice because words do have power and you want to be sure your words convey the power of your love.