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Think Before You Post

Recently I wrote an article for an on-line magazine for its spirituality section. Although the piece was about forgiveness and love, the editor wanted to put my photo in front of the word hate to accompany the article. After much discussion and protest on my part the photo was changed, but he did so begrudgingly.

One very huge thing bothered me about this that eluded the other party. I know every photo put on the internet stays on the internet forever.  The photo of me smiling with the word hate behind me would have gone out onto the internet without the accompanying article and would have stood alone without explanation.  People Googling my name would see photos of me and there would be my smiling face with the big word HATE behind me.

You may not remember, but I do, the negative impact a standalone photo had on a very young Jane Fonda when she held up a rifle in Vietnam during the war. A photo was snapped of her smiling face holding the rifle and to this day she is still thought by some a traitor.  And this was way before the internet.

To lead with our heart we use that wisdom and put ourselves in the position of others to determine, the best we can, how what we say and do will impact them.  We take time to determine the possible consequences of our actions before we act. And, we stand up and defend ourselves against those people who do not have the heart-awareness to be the higher, more loving and positive way of being.

Today, take time to evaluate what you put out on the internet.  Not from fear, but simply from the perspective of knowing it will be around forever.  Make certain you are proud of what you are saying and doing. And, make sure you are not allowing other people to have control over the image you are leaving in the world.