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RYS 010: There is a Difference in Being Victimized and Being a Victim

In this Episode:

You may be victimized in life but you do not have to be a victim. How powerful it feels to accept being a victim is not a pro-active position. Nothing feels more satisfying than choosing to be the victor over your life circumstances.


• Helpless and hopeless are not positions of power
• You have to set your own standard of behavior
• Power is choosing not to be victimized again


Romancing Your Soul ™ is a show where Regina gives you the keys to create a joyful life. In a world filled with limitless challenges and stress, who can listeners count on for real-life solutions? Just check in with Regina Cates, acclaimed author, positivity junkie. Regina is a champion of heart whose common sense tips will make your relationships better, your communication clearer, and your boundaries healthier.


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Lead With Your Heart


One day I witnessed a full blown ego-battle between two staff people at my gym. It began when I overhead the sales director arguing with someone on the phone. Suddenly he slammed the receiver down, hanging up on the caller. The person immediately called back to complain to the general manager.

Then without regard to other employees or to the members of the gym the general manager proceeded to scream at the sales director from across the room.  He screamed back.  Everyone in the gym overheard the bitter exchange that included steady streams of profanity from both sides.

At one time I too believed ego-boxing with someone would result in either getting my way or the other person would admit they were wrong. However, I do not remember even one time I allowed my ego to engage another person when I actually got the response my ego said I would.

No matter how other people behave it is always our choice to fall victim to our impulsive ego’s demands to be defended, or to be proven right, or to get someone to fall in line.  We also have the choice to take a deep breath, count to five and lead with our responsible heart to find a better, gentler, more responsible way to settle our differences.

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