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Love is Refusing to Ego-Box with Others

Love is a way of walking through life.  Love is a way of BE-ING in the world.  Love is peaceful, kind, cooperative, understanding, forgiving, patient, and honest.  To give the positive behaviors of love to the people we have affection and caring for we must BE these in our everyday life.  So we cannot ego-box with strangers on the road and come home peaceful and kind to our family. We cannot be selective with loving.  We are either loving or we are not.  In every moment, in every circumstance, we have the choice to lead with love or to lead with the behaviors of fear – rudeness, self-centeredness, anger, rage, entitlement, frustration, disappointment, control, blame, and judgment.

You get angry at someone for the stupid mistake he or she made and you’re going to bring that anger home.  People do careless things.  Sometimes we don’t think.  Sometimes we don’t seem to care if our actions are going to inconvenience another person or not.

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RYS 094: What to do When Life is Not Fair

In this Episode:

There are moments in life when we come face to face with a situation that does not make sense. I’ve experienced my share of unfair situations as I am certain you have too. We can choose to let the little things slide or we can choose to stand up and fight. But we need to know when to do which.

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Action Creates Positive Change

picking up trash on beach

I am a fan of Ellen DeGeneres. I like her positivity and optimism. I appreciate her bravery for championing causes that make a positive difference in people’s lives and in the world. I believe she is dedicated to creating her best life and to helping other people create their best lives too. And, I enjoy watching her over the top enthusiastic fans compete for prizes in strange and imaginative ways.

The other day I was watching when a young woman competing in one of Ellen’s games was asked, “What woman recently announced her candidacy for the office of the president of the United States.” The young woman was understandably nervous and excited and possibly she did know the right answer but she replied, “I don’t know. I’m not political.”

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RYS 093: Finding Sameness in Our Difference

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As human beings who’ve been to the moon, cured diseases, shot a telescope into outer space, we are perfectly capable of collectively moving ourselves forward on the emotional evolutionary scale by honestly admitting we do not have a race, homophobia, or gender relations problem. We own up to the fact we have a respect problem.

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We’re Human Beings with Different Colored Skin

Group of Young people

When I was four or five, my mom took me to her friend’s house on Halloween. My sister and I were dressed in little scary outfits. We rang the doorbell and Mrs. Lilly, an older woman, answered. We said, “Trick or treat!” She smiled and put several pieces of candy into our bags.

As she was ushering us inside for a visit, a car pulled up to the curb. I looked back to see a little black girl, my age and dressed as a witch, stepping out of the car. Mrs. Lilly screamed, “Get back in that car, nigger. I do not want you coming up here. Go home where you belong.”

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RYS:092: I Don’t Think God is Okay with Gluttony

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We have a health care crisis in the United States of America. But, I’m not going to talk about the insurance industry, Washington lobbyist, pharmaceutical companies, and big business. Sure I believe good health care must be available to all. But I am smart enough to let people smarter than me take on the machine that has become our health care industry. My approach is more personal.

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Time is More Valuable Than Gold


The realization of how sacred a resource time is came to me on a rainy afternoon in a movie theater. The newly released film was horrible. The plot was thin, and the animated characters from a popular cartoon were now silly as “real” people.

Even so, I was torn about leaving. It was raining outside, and there was not much else to do on the gray Saturday afternoon. Plus I’d paid for the ticket and still had some popcorn.

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RYS-091: Kindness is Key to Creating a Joyful Life

In this Episode:


Ellen DeGeneres is one of my favorite people. She is devoted to making the world a better place. So I appreciate her wise words at the end of each show, “Be kind to one another.” Each act of kindness results in making our world a better place. And, I want to dig a little deeper to share ten ways you may not have thought of to, “Be kind to one another.”

• Being kind is rising above to bring a higher level of awareness to the frustrating and challenging situations of life.
• Kindness is bringing your best self to all the interactions you have with other people and all life.
• Kindness finds ways to remain agreeable when disagreeing.


Romancing Your Soul ™ is a show where Regina gives you the keys to create a joyful life. In a world filled with limitless challenges and stress, who can listeners count on for real-life solutions? Just check in with Regina Cates, acclaimed author, positivity junkie. Regina is a champion of heart whose common sense tips will make your relationships better, your communication clearer, and your boundaries healthier.


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Be the Better Person


Recently my 91 year old father went into a local grocery store. As he was leaving he found the flat crosswalk at the store entrance blocked by a huge pick-up truck that parked illegally right in front of the doors. My dad saw a man get out of the truck and decided to say, “Excuse me, this is a no parking zone. Can you please move your truck so we can safely go around?” The guy responded, “You just take care of your groceries old man and I’ll take care of how I park.” My fragile old father was forced to go over a big curb with his shopping cart because the man would not move his truck.

I am certain my dad thought about saying much more to the man but he did not. My father was very proud of himself when he told me, “I did not ego-box with him. I just did the best I could to stay safe. I refused to let that rude man upset me.”

No matter how young or old, we always have a choice NOT to engage with people who don’t respect themselves enough to respect others. In 91 years my dad learned what I am also grateful to now know. We cannot reason with unreasonable people. Being a rude ass is a choice but so is refusing to stoop to the behavior a rude ass chooses for himself. Way to go dad!