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Wouldn’t It Be Great to Be Professor X

Professor X

I’m curious why some people think other people can read their mind.  I can’t read anyone’s mind but my own, thank goodness. You can’t read my mind either, thank goodness again. We’re not Professor X of the famous X-Men. But there are some among us who think other people should indeed read their minds. That we should just know without any communication whatsoever exactly what they are going to do.

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RYS-102 : Face Your Fear to Grow Your Faith

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There was a time in life when I lived in fear. I was scared of dying, of getting cancer, of success, of failure. Today, I can honestly say I no longer live in fear. That’s not to say I do not become afraid at times. At 3:00 a.m. when an earthquake jolts me awake, yes, absolutely, my heart races and my palms sweat as my fight-or-flight response kicks in. But I have learned that living in fear based on the negativity I am exposed to, or the trepidations of my creative and anxious mind, is no way to live.

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Patience and Love – A Winning Combination


Recently I overheard the sweetest conversation between a grandfather and his granddaughter. She is the daughter of my neighbors. He’d come over to watch her and her little sister. The little 2 1/2 year old wants to drink from a glass while outside. Grandpa is firm but so sweet, as he repeatedly tells her she cannot have glass outside. She must have a plastic cup because she may drop the glass, it could break and she could hurt herself. She does not understand.  She is not old enough to connect the dots of what may happen.  She does not have the experience or reasoning ability at her age to think of possible consequences or to even know what glass is and the dangers of mixing it and concrete.

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RYS 101: Lead with Your Heart

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Following your heart’s path is an adventure of creating a life of deep meaning. Regardless what pain and disappointment you have experienced, you can have self-acceptance and self-worth. You can love yourself and be loved by others. You can create an extraordinary life from the one you were given.

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Personal Space is By Invitation Only

personal space

Have you met anyone who intentionally invades your personal space?  You’re at a party and they completely ignore the respectful 3-feet of space rule between them and you. They lean in completely shattering that socially acceptable comfort zone to the point you can feel their hot breath on your face and know exactly what they had for lunch.  UCK!  It does not feel good to have your personal space invaded, unless you ask someone in. So what’s up with people who think it is absolutely okay to tailgate?

We’re not inviting anyone to ride our car’s butt. It’s not polite, or safe, to just invade our space

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Say What You Say With Love


Words have power, that is why we must be responsible for what we tell ourselves and others. For instance, It’s not positive to say I have a bad back. Sure my back has been injured, operated on, and I have permanent nerve damage. But that does not make my back bad.

The words we choose influence our attitude. If we tell ourselves we have a bad back then the negative surrounding the word “bad” will permeate our conscious and subconscious. If we change the word bad to fragile or injured, we honor the physical state of our human being while doing so in a nurturing and supportive way.

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RYS 100: How to Age Without Aging

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Tomorrow, September 4, I turn 59 years old. Sexy number don’t you think, 59? I’m on the edge of two decades of life. The 50s almost behind me and the future 60s and beyond out in front. I could be sad about being so close to my sixth decade of life. That is if I bought the lie I hear constantly that I am getting old.

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A Rare Inspirational Find

Warning! Shocking NEWS coming…Barbara and I are fans of American Ninja Warriors. Yes, I know you’d think I’d be the type person to run as fast as possible from anything with Warrior in the title.  But I have to say when you get past the over the top hype from the announcers, Ninja Warriors is inspiring. It is positively uplifting to see men and women, of various ages, competing against themselves to get through an amazingly hard obstacle course.

I admire people who challenge themselves.  Not one of us improves to become better, happier, more fulfilled in life, without constantly challenging ourselves. Sure the show is a competition to see who finishes the course in the fastest time to be America’s Ninja Warrior. But beyond the one winner takes all concept, this competition is one where all of the contestants are pitted against a common challenge.  So each must be well trained, strong, and smart to survive the seemingly impossible feats they are asked to perform. Read more