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One by one, and together.


By Tim Moody

The remarkable Polish poet, Czeslaw Milosz, once wrote,

“This hasn’t been the age for the righteous and the decent.
I know what it means to beget monsters
And to recognize in them myself.”

It is an appropriate indictment of our own day and of our own selves.

I keep telling myself that what we are experiencing in our country is just a phase, something we have gone through before, where people who turn loathsome and violent, enormously greedy and arrogant, will change. That these dark clouds of hostility hovering over us will pass and the sunlight of decent behavior will shine again.

But there is something alarmingly stubborn about the indignity, prejudice, violence, division and hatred among us. We seem stuck in a continuous atmosphere of rancor and bitter estrangement. And it is disturbing and frightening that our leaders seem incapable or not

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Respect is a value we must all hold dear.

We rise

Two women in Arizona thought it was a good idea to vandalize a Mosque. They also thought it would be great to bring three children along to help.

The women have been arrested. They took a video of their actions and posted it to Facebook. One of the children can be overheard spewing hatred.

My heart breaks when I hear of these type actions against our brothers and sisters of different religious faiths. My heart also breaks for the children. They are being taught by two women whose behavior calls into question their ability to properly nurture the children into respectful and responsible citizens. They are children whose lives are ahead of them.  They are too young to say no to their mother. Yet, this very thoughtless action will tear their lives apart. And the lives of their mothers.

Anyone who exhibits this behavior is not on the side of God. And God does not side with them.

God gave us free will. No matter how small our actions, you and I have

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Would we just crucify Jesus all over again?

dove of peace

Today, I was reading an article on the website of a leading news organization written by a seasoned investigative journalist and decided to look at the string of comments.  As a public figure and someone devoted to integrity and God I have been trolled on a few occasions over the years. But, I was taken aback at the number of hateful comments made against the man’s fact based reporting by people who voluntarily identified themselves as Christians.

Yet, I was not really surprised. Over the past several decades I have noticed a growing incongruence within the political and religious arenas in the United States between some who call themselves Christians and behavior that is anything but Christ-like.

Maybe these people attend a congregation where the vilification of those who are perceived to be social, political, religious, or ideological enemies originates from the pulpit.  Possibly they listen to and believe the plethora of misinformation disseminated

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Superheroes fight for justice. We love them for it.


I don’t know if there is an official judgment day as I believe we answer to God each day for our actions, thoughts and words. But if there is some event where God sits in judgment, I don’t think those who are working to undermine the investigation into the actions of the current President of the United States have a clue what they are in for.

Why are some people in Washington and people in certain media outlets going to such lengths to discredit those who are working to find truth? Seriously, this is the question all of us as patriots (no matter our party affiliation) should be asking because we are currently engaged in a battle between good and evil.

On the evil side are those who are corrupt. They know they are guilty, which makes them desperate to obstruct the work of those who want to find truth. On the good side are those who are being attacked for their investigative work which they are conducting to protect our democracy, our constitution and us, the American people.

Whether there is an official judgment day or not, God is aware of who is guilty and who is courageously attempting to bring the

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