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It pays to stay fluffy!

hunny bunny

As children, my sister and I had a pet rabbit named Honey Bunny, a tiny ball of soft, fluffy fur. She was cute, cuddly, and consistently calm. When I encounter a tense circumstance, or want to keep from being sucked into other people’s negativity, I repeat “fluffy bunny, fluffy bunny, fluffy bunny” over and over in my head.

It really works. I let go of any frustration or resentment and cannot stay annoyed when I concentrate on a cute little bunny rabbit.

One day I was walking back from a neighborhood shop when I witnessed a driver stopped in the middle of the intersection, talking on her phone while presumably waiting to turn left. After the light turned red, she made a U-turn. Although there were signs indicating U-turns were illegal, she chose to do it anyway. Her SUV was too large to make it on the first attempt, so she had to back up and move forward repeatedly.

Drivers at the green light laid on their horns, while many of the pedestrians who were forced to wait on the sidewalk screamed at her. The woman gestured through her windshield with a rude hand signal, continued chatting on the phone, and maneuvered into the illegal turn to take a parking space in front of a certain store.

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Christmas doesn’t come from a store.

Christmas tree with fire place

By Tim Moody

I was out in the Christmas crowd shopping for my grandchildren. They don’t really need a thing. They have so much. They fortunately live within the amazing care of a dad and mom who adore and cherish and abundantly provide for them. I wanted to just package up some hugs and kisses and send those as my gifts. Wouldn’t that be enough? It would, for them. They would be perfectly fine with such gifts. But I followed the rest of the holiday legion to Target and elsewhere to lend my effort to our society’s commercial Christmas mania.

There is that line in Dr. Seuss’ famous “The Grinch That Stole Christmas” that nudges me this time of year: “Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”

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Conversations on Life – Episode 12

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Real Love has Excellent Vision.

A friend has an unmarried adult daughter who got pregnant. There is no stigma for my friend around her daughter’s pregnancy. However, she has a real problem with the boyfriend who abuses her daughter with disrespect, psychological torment, and manipulation. She also has a problem with the boyfriend’s mother who defends her son’s immature and unacceptable behavior.

The daughter also excuses the boyfriend, saying she loves him. She refuses to listen to her mother or her sister, both of whom beg her to wake up and see the man for what his repeated actions say is the truth of his character. Their words fall on deaf ears.  She is blinded by her infatuation with the man. But, with every fight, the daughter complains about how badly the boyfriend treats her. Each time, the mother and sister confirm she has to end the relationship.  The young woman repeatedly refuses to let the man go.

  • Often we are taught love is blind and must endure all things.
  • The truth is, love that is our integrity in action does not bear all things.
  • While all relationships have challenges, love is not about tolerating abuse, control or harmful actions.

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Conversations on Life – Episode 11

Love Yourself First, to Love Others Well

I sobbed in a homeless man’s arms. I did not know the man. Most likely I will not see him again. But, I will never forget the moment our hearts touched in the intimate dance of raw truth: he lives on the street and me in a warm apartment.

Our exchange began when I commented on his dog. He smiled very proud and said, “Yea, she’s great. I’ve got her back and she’s got mine.” As he spoke, gently petting the dog, I reached into my wallet and took out all the money I had. Without counting or caring what he would do with it I handed it to him. He hesitantly took it. As our hands touched my tears began.

The man reached out, wrapped me tightly in his arms and said, “It’s okay. We’re okay out here. Thank you for caring.”

As I turned to leave he said, “I love you.” I looked him in the eyes and said, “I love you too.”

  • Love is more than caring and affection for those closest to us.
  • To love is to display the integrity of our heart.
  • Without fear or hesitation.

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Jesus would not gossip!

Angel with finger on lips

I realize we all make mistakes and that it often takes time for us learn so we don’t make the same hurtful mistakes again. It certainly took me time to appreciate the vital importance of being responsible for each of my thoughts, words and actions. However, I learned one crucial lesson the first time my words hurt someone, which I share in painful detail in my first book – Lead with Your Heart, Creating a Life of Love, Compassion and Purpose.

Briefly the lesson I learned is that gossip, slander and character assassination are completely irresponsible and were signs of my emotional and spiritual immaturity. Now, this is a lesson each of us needs to learn if we are to move ourselves toward a peaceful world and fix what is wrong in our politics and with society in general.

Each day we hear countless people tearing others down in an attempt to build themselves up. There are also people who listen to and allow themselves to be influenced by negative trash-talk, hate speech, and slanderous attacks on someone seen as a political or social rival. Then there are people who do not question the credibility of those who spread conspiracy theories, or racist, homophobic, divisive, xenophobic, propaganda.

Does anyone actually believe Jesus would think purveyors of gossip and slander offer something worth listening to? They offer nothing  of value to our society. Their agenda is one of sowing discourse and distraction. And some get paid to spread their trash talk.

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I share responsibility, to share opportunity.

In this episode I sit down with Eren Cannata, Emmy winning songwriter, singer, and producer to get his thoughts on what it means to be a man. A father of two sons, Eren believes the old blueprint of what it means to be a man needs to be revised. And, while some people are scared of change, his experience as a man who embraces change in the form of respect and acceptance of all people, has resulted in a freer and healthier life.

  • It’s beautiful to be rid of the old macho, got to dominate, bread-winner mentality.
  • The “old school” dad who comes home, cracks open a beer, puts the emotional wall up doesn’t work anymore, at least not for me because it doesn’t teach my children or family anything positive.
  • To fix what is broken we must teach our children to respect themselves and to be accepting of difference so they will respect others.

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