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Hollywood’s Idea of Women is Changing, Slowly

Nicole Stanton
Nicole Stanton

I sit down with Nicole Stanton, actress, and producer, to discuss how she navigates the male-dominated world of Hollywood where using sex to sell still seems to be the lowest common denominator. She talks about how the industry is changing its views of women, slowly and how consumers can drive change by supporting independent films that feature women. Nicole also offers advice for women who are navigating the confusing world of dating.

  • As a society, we must broaden our view of one another and accept we don’t have to fit into a certain box.
  • Social media offers wonderful access to people but also allows us to hide or to create a false sense of intimacy.
  • To successfully negotiate the dating world it is vital to know what you want and need and to value integrity as the common bond that holds a relationship together.

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The way to honor suicide.


By Tim Moody

The distinguished French philosopher and priest, Teilhard de Chardin, wrote, “Humankind is being brought to a moment where it will have to decide between suicide and adoration.”

The distance between those two is enormous. It’s a long drop from adoration to suicide but according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 45,000 Americans killed themselves in 2016, the most recent statistics available. Another 1 million people attempt suicide each year.

The latest casualty was celebrated chef, author, and world traveler Anthony Bourdain. He left us at age 61, devoted to a beautiful girlfriend and the father of an adorable 11-year old daughter. Famous, wealthy, revered by millions of fans, Bourdain nevertheless found life unbearable.

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We all feel.

Girl and Father for FB

When I was eleven years old I was hit in the head with a baseball bat. It was an accident and my fault. I was playing baseball with a few kids from the neighborhood in the backyard of our home on Locust Street in Victoria, Texas. I was catching. I did not think my playmate would swing at the badly pitched ball and I moved forward. She did swing and hit me with full force on my left temple.

The blow to my head hurt so bad I cried and cried.  My skull pounded for hours and my vision was blurry. I was sick to my stomach and thought I would faint. Although I was not taken to the doctor, I am certain I suffered a concussion. I know for sure the violent blow permanently injured my neck and jaw as decades later I live in constant discomfort.

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What makes the emptiness bearable is each other.

heart with two hands

By Tim Moody

I keep dipping in and out of the Showtime series, “Billions.” It fascinates me. It depresses me. It wildly entertains me. It intrigues me. It infuriates me. It pushes boundaries that disturb me. It portrays people that I wonder if really exist out there, and if so, man, is society screwed.

The episodes are based on the moral and ethical conflicts between billionaire financier Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) and U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti).

Axe, as he is called, is a cunning hedge fund genius with sociopathic

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