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Action Helps Stop Worry

You are not your problems

For many years I worried. About my job, relationships, family, the future, of going to hell, other people’s opinions of me. You name it and I worried about it. But worry was like a heavy blanket that smothered the life out of my present. And, not once did anything I worried about come true, or if it did then the outcome was a fraction of the degree that I imagined it would be.

Worry does not control the future. Worry does not prevent life from hurting at times. Worry is a useless activity that sucks the joy out of us.

I taught myself to stop worrying when I started striving to end each day without regret, to not go to bed angry, to control what I can control (me), to prevent what I can prevent, and to have faith in something greater than myself to handle all the rest.