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Don’t Let Yourself Be Controlled

Often control is confused with love.  But, love is not control.

That does not stop people from attempting to control us. From our career to choosing our partner, other people feel free to force their decisions on us. Often they are so blinded by what they want they do not attempt to understand our point of view and desire to create the life we want for ourselves.

The positive action we can take with someone who is controlling is to speak with them openly, honestly and candidly.  Calmly and patiently express our desires.  Remain rational and non-emotional.  That means, we do not get angry or frustrated.  Simply state what is true. We convey the truth that no one can know what is best for another. We remain respectful yet determined.

If they still do not listen or consider our position then we develop a plan to remain aligned with what we know is best for us.   It will not necessarily be easy, yet in the end it is worth it, as we are unique individuals who are meant to dream our dreams and create our own best life.

We must be self-supportive and hang in there. We stay committed to not letting anyone prevent us from achieving our dreams. It is by dreaming beyond the limitations of others that we indeed change ourselves and the world for the better.