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Attitude is Everything

Drop of water

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. My early experience with organized religion steered me off the path of blindly swallowing the practices and beliefs of others to forge my own trail. My spiritual teachers have been real life people who manage to stay loving, peaceful, and who always find the positive, even under the worst of situations.

One of my most profound teachers was a young woman of 17. When she was raped by a man she considered a safe friend, her response was“what do I need to learn from this horrible experience.” As you can imagine I was shocked. At first, I did not comprehend how she could not be angry and want revenge? But then I realized she was making an intentional choice to take a terrible situation, one she was powerless to prevent or change, and turn it around to find what SHE needed to do to move herself forward. I knew that level of courage and self-reflection was directly from God.

I chose then and there, if this young woman could find the silver lining in her experience, there is no reason I cannot live the same way. I accepted the only thing standing between living this heart-first way, or not, is a choice. That was the powerful realization that changed my entire perspective and solidified my knowing we are indeed spiritual beings (souls) on great human adventures.

Over thirty years later I am still passionately devoted to finding the light, even in the darkest situations. I am happy to report choosing a positive attitude has served me well; through Barbara’s cancer, the murder of a friend, death of loved ones, illness, living in a world where acts of violence impact innocent people, job loss, relationship break-ups, losing almost everything, and so much more. Yes, I’ve certainly had my share of heart-break and loss. But I credit my ability to bounce back quickly and to remain focused on positive to the angels in my life. Those who taught me I always have the choice to see my glass as overflowing, even when the tap looks like it may run dry.