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Love Yourself First, to Love Others Well

I sobbed in a homeless man’s arms. I did not know the man. Most likely I will not see him again. But, I will never forget the moment our hearts touched in the intimate dance of raw truth: he lives on the street and me in a warm apartment.

Our exchange began when I commented on his dog. He smiled very proud and said, “Yea, she’s great. I’ve got her back and she’s got mine.” As he spoke, gently petting the dog, I reached into my wallet and took out all the money I had. Without counting or caring what he would do with it I handed it to him. He hesitantly took it. As our hands touched my tears began.

The man reached out, wrapped me tightly in his arms and said, “It’s okay. We’re okay out here. Thank you for caring.”

As I turned to leave he said, “I love you.” I looked him in the eyes and said, “I love you too.”

  • Love is more than caring and affection for those closest to us.
  • To love is to display the integrity of our heart.
  • Without fear or hesitation.

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