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Real Love has Excellent Vision.

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A friend has an unmarried adult daughter who got pregnant. There is no stigma for my friend around her daughter’s pregnancy. However, she has a real problem with the boyfriend who abuses her daughter with disrespect, psychological torment, and manipulation. She also has a problem with the boyfriend’s mother who defends her son’s immature and unacceptable behavior.

The daughter also excuses the boyfriend, saying she loves him. She refuses to listen to her mother or her sister, both of whom beg her to wake up and see the man for what his repeated actions say is the truth of his character. Their words fall on deaf ears.  She is blinded by her infatuation with the man. But, with every fight, the daughter complains about how badly the boyfriend treats her. Each time, the mother and sister confirm she has to end the relationship.  The young woman repeatedly refuses to let the man go.

  • Often we are taught love is blind and must endure all things.
  • The truth is, love that is our integrity in action does not bear all things.
  • While all relationships have challenges, love is not about tolerating abuse, control or harmful actions.

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