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As a man I don’t want to be right, I want to get it right. 

Chris Pelch

In a conversation with Chris Pelch, husband, father and full-time graduate student, we learn that he thinks men are often characterized as macho, hard-headed, and stubborn and there is a good reason for this portrayal. He sees that many men dig in their heels when it comes to their opinions. But Chris thinks it’s a mistake for men to ignore the perspectives of others. He believes men should not bulldoze their way forward.  Chris shares:

  • If we truly want to be a man we need to view women as equals.
  • As men, we must be willing to listen to facts that are contradictory to what we want to believe, accept them, and adjust our perspective accordingly.
  • Men need to be willing to get it right instead of just wanting to be right.

Read Chris’ essay on this topic HERE


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