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The Devil Does Yoga. My Mother Told Me So.

Barbara Simon
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Mom recently told me she read a letter to the editor in her local newspaper about yoga being the work of the devil. At almost 94 mom is not really surprised by much but she seemed quite surprised to learn some people believe yoga is related to Satan. Really? And who are the people who believe yoga is related to the Devil and why do they believe it? I’m curious because I’ve been doing yoga for over fifteen years and not once have I even had a bad thought much less become possessed by Satan. To learn more I’m joined by yoga expert Barbara Simon.

  • Our mind has an opinion about everything but that does not mean our mind’s opinions or even the beliefs we hold are true.
  • It’s responsible to think about why we think what we do and to challenge why we think others must believe what we do.
  • I feel certain Jesus would question the motivation behind using fear to teach in his name.

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