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Conversations on Life Podcast

Each week I engage in a conversation about subjects that in one way or another impact all of us. From love to religion, sex to politics, and kindness to patience, I share the lessons I’ve learned that definitely make life better. At times I’m joined by a guest who shares their failure and success, heartbreak and triumph.

The goal is for us to have a conversation and on-going dialogue so we learn from one another about how to make the very best of this amazing journey we share called life.

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Episode 1 – My Lasagna is to die for! Hey, after 45 years it should be.

Episode 2 – The Devil Does Yoga. My Mother Told Me So.

Episode 3 – Of course I’ve been visited by aliens! Hasn’t everyone?

Episode 4 – There’s Black and Brown in this White Woman

Episode 5 – I’m gay. So was Leonardo Da Vinci by the way.

Episode 6 – #MeToo. And you, and you, and you …

Episode 7 – I’m Proud to be Red, White, and Blue.

Episode 8 – Free Speech is Very Expensive

Episode 9 – I don’t want to be right, I want to get it right.

Episode 10 – Share Responsibility, Share Opportunity

Episode 11 – Love Yourself First, to Love Others Well