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Fear is Handy When Being Chased by a Bear

baby bear

The only time I ever find fear useful is when it gets me moving out of the way of physical harm. For the rest of life’s unknowns and challenges, being fearful actually keeps us stuck. Living in fear of what we cannot know or change is being shackled to the heavy weight of dread. The chains of fear actually prevent us from moving on.

By bravely facing what we are afraid of we begin to realize much of what we fear is actually under our control. Like the stress I experienced from too many bills because I was not financially responsible. Or the anxiety that came from a relationship where my partner refused to work on us. Or the fear that arose when a loved one got a negative medical diagnosis.

It is times like these when the most positive action we can take is to stare fear directly in the eye. By realistically looking at what the situation is, rather than fearing what may be, we eliminate the idea we can control the uncontrollable (loved one gets a cancer diagnosis), know the unknowable (when we will die), or change the unchangeable (the past). When we accept a situation for what it is we can take the actions necessary to address life’s challenges in the most productive and positive ways.

Facing our fear is the way we stop getting stuck in the negativity and inaction of worry and dread.  Life is not meant to be lived in fear but in the faith that comes from believing we are strong enough to successfully get through whatever challenges we face.