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Following the Golden Rule Unites Us


I am honored to know many people who are Muslim. Each one of them is kind, responsible, honest, and they all abhor violence and terror.  The faces of my friends are what I keep in my heart when acts of terror are committed by those who distort their Islamic religious views to satisfy a negative agenda.  The same thing happened when I lived in Birmingham, AL and a man who identified himself as Christian blew up women’s clinics killing innocent people.  I kept the faces of the kind, responsible, honest and non-violent Christians I knew in my heart then too.

Terrorist acts are not committed by those who are following the fundamental practice espoused by ALL world religions – treat other people as you want to be treated.  That is why those of us who want to create a loving, peaceful and respectful world must stick together no matter our religious affiliations or lack thereof.  Following the Golden Rule in our lives is what makes us united in purpose and belief in the power of LOVE to bring the change we desire.