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Forgive, But Set a Boundary

Big Girl Boots

I was recently betrayed by someone who told me what they knew I wanted to hear rather than telling me the truth. The truth would have meant they lost money but honesty would have saved the relationship and my respect for them. Instead they intentionally chose to lie.

I am so GRATEFUL to have learned dishonesty ALWAYS is revealed in time. Doing the right thing, being the better person and choosing the high road is not easy but it is SELF-LOVING. Sure, we may lose what we want (money, power, position, person, a thing) but in the end, standing up for what is right, making ourselves do what we know is best, always results in our peace, happiness, being respected and respecting ourselves.

It hurts this person chose money over me. But their dishonesty is hurting them MUCH more.

And if you are curious, I did forgive, but also removed them from my life. I set the permanent boundary because instead of taking responsibility for the lie, they attempted to create another lie to get themselves out of the first one. When this happens in our relationships WE don’t need any more evidence or to give another chance because avoiding responsibility is proof of who someone really is now, regardless what we want to believe their potential may be.