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Giving Thanks for Gratitude

Gratitude is immensely powerful to keep our focus on all that is going right in our lives. For instance, I am so grateful to the people who take care of my trash and recycling. I put it out and they take it away. That truly rocks!

I am grateful for police and firefighters. These women and men have chosen to put their lives on the line for you and me. Overall these fine public servants truly rock!

I am grateful that I can go to the corner store to get fresh food. I am grateful to live in a warm apartment. I am grateful to feel love and to love.

I truly believe the quality of the life we create is directly related to the depth of our level of gratitude. For the small things that make life easier. For the people who help make life easier. And for the love that makes life worth living. Each of the people who positively impacts us is an #AmbassadorOfLove. I am grateful to be surrounded by them.

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