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God Doesn’t Care about our Mistakes

yes I can

One of the hardest lessons we learn in life is the importance of admitting when we are wrong, about ourselves or others. We know someone is lying, or we lie, but we continue to deny dishonesty. We know someone is using us but we justify thoughts they will wake up, change and stop mistreating us. We know promises to stop drinking, drugging or being unfaithful are never kept, but we cling to the false hope that someday, someone will change.

If not fact checked, our thoughts will defend, at all costs, our negative, harmful actions or the actions of others. Our prideful ego does not want to take responsibility for making a mistake or for enabling someone to continue behaving badly. Rather than being honest we allow irresponsible thoughts to create wild fantasies rationalizing why we should not step up and admit we screwed up or that someone is not who we want them to be.

It is an inability to admit our actions or the negative behavior of others that continues to widen the circle of trouble we experience over mistakes, abuse and dishonesty. Yet, the entire time ego is placing blame elsewhere, or denying it is our bad choices that are causing our chaotic life, or defending someone who is guilty, our soul is asking us to do the right thing and admit we are wrong.

I believe in God. I believe God is all-knowing. I learned my ego’s attempt to deny the truth of my behavior, the negative behavior of others, or my hurtful choices, is about as silly as hiding in the middle of an open field while expecting not to be spotted. God sees. God knows. The only one my fearful and irresponsible thoughts are attempting to fool is me.

The challenge admitting our mistakes presents, is to love and respect ourselves more than we fear being found out. Only when we have the courage to admit we are wrong can we begin to repair the damage.

By the way, God is not interested in the mistakes we make. Only that we assume responsibility for them.