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God Hears Our Prayers


When Barbara and I were making arrangements for our wedding dinner we chose a small room at the restaurant that fit the number of guests and our budget. It was a nice room and our guests would have been comfortable. But deep down I really wanted the Terrace room, with twinkling lights and sliding skylight. We signed the contract for the smaller inner room but I still asked God for the magical Terrace. Then I completely forgot about my request.

The night we arrived for our wedding dinner we went to the room but it was not set up as we’d asked. There were blue table cloths, silver napkins, and no flower arrangements. Right before panic set in a waiter appeared and opened the double doors that led to the Terrace. It was set up beautifully, just as I imagined in my prayer to God.

When the waiter told us we’d been moved to the Terrace I began to cry. God listened and gave us a magical gift for our wedding dinner.

Thank you for listening, God. I know not everything I ask for I get. But when I do, I am truly blown away by and grateful for your love.