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God Wants the Best for Us

Welcome to Romancing Your Soul

I truly believe God wants what is best for us just as we want what is best for us. So when we are faced with a challenge it takes faith to be patient, to stay determined and to remain positive.

I lost my executive position right before 9-11. I got up each day, for eighteen months, determined to try one more time. Sure I was concerned how I was going to pay the bills, so I found work picking up cigarette butts before a lawn moving crew. I took whatever job I could to make ends meet. I applied for dozens of jobs. I got turned down for dozens of jobs. Days, weeks and months past.

Finally one day I got a call to interview for the MBA program director position at a college in Georgia. You can imagine how excited I was to get the follow up call a month later that I’d gotten the job.

It took almost two years to get God’s gift of what was best for me at that time. But I did get a fantastic job on one of the most beautiful college campus in the world. And, I learned God’s time and our time is not the same. That is where faith comes in so we have the strength to keep hope alive while we wait.