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God Wants Us to Seek Fact


One of the best lessons I learned is the importance of thinking for myself. Not to follow the crowd or make emotional and uninformed decisions. It is important to form my own beliefs based on doing research to seek FACT. I can’t rely on family, friends or neighbors to do the work for me. I must count on people who have more experience and knowledge in areas where I am a neophyte (novice). One area I need guidance is politics.

I am patriotic. I vote in every election no matter how small. I take seriously the job of electing people who are the best possible choice – those whose character values (honesty, openness, dedication, etc.) most mirror my own. But, to find the best people I must turn off the noise, the biased opinions of those who have an agenda, and seek fact by being careful who I listen to. That is why I watch The Rachel Maddow Show each day on MSNBC.

There is no room for error come November. We can’t think something like Brexit will never happen to us. God wants us to make up our own minds and hearts based on facts. That means God wants us to elect the best people of character.  I find Rachel Maddow inspiring, informative, knowledgeable, and invaluable for getting me the facts I need to vote.