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Good People Are Everywhere


Recently my mother went grocery shopping at the Kroger’s in Marshall, Texas.  After getting home and putting all the groceries away, she went to put something in her purse. She looked everywhere. Her purse was not in the house or the car.  Then panic hit when she realized she’d left it in the basket at the store.

She rushed back to the market and straight to the customer service desk. The nice lady behind the counter immediately retrieved her handbag saying, “Someone found this and turned it in.” My mom went through her entire purse and not one thing was missing.

Mother was so excited to get her purse back but at the same time a bit disappointed that she will never know who the honest and kind person was who turned it in. She told me today the only way she has to say thank you is to pass it on with a random act of caring and kindness.  I look forward to hearing how she chooses to do that.