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Healthy Self-love Requires Boundaries Too


One of the MOST important things I’ve learned is healthy relationships need healthy boundaries. Setting boundaries is not only necessary in our relationships with other people, establishing limits of the behavior we will tolerate is vital with ourselves also.

To break a 22-year habit of smoking, I had to set a boundary of not smoking. To stop eating without awareness, I had to set a boundary of being responsible for everything I put into my mouth. To lose the extra 63 pounds, I had to set a boundary of keeping my exercise schedule. To set a boundary against my depression, I had to make myself get up, get moving, and get busy helping others. To no longer spend more than I made, I had to set a boundary that resulted in financial responsibility. To stop behaving co-dependently, I had to set a limit on MY behavior.

Everything I changed about myself was the result of being emotionally invested in the outcome so that I made myself take the actions necessary to realize the goal. It was by setting and maintaining boundaries with myself and other people that I truly become in charge of my health, body, finances and destiny.