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Helping Others is Helping Ourselves

Zach hug

As a full-time personal empowerment coach my job is to hold the heart safe of those who work with me. I lend them my strength. I share my experience of what did and did not work for me to heal, and take my power back from the challenges I faced. I give emotionally and spiritually until they can do so on their own. It can be draining. I hear the most heart-breaking stories, deal with the most wounded egos, and for a time become their loudest cheerleader and biggest fan.

I’ve always given 100% of myself in every employment position I’ve held. And, this is different, more beautiful, more rewarding, filled with love, and heart, and hope, while being the most challenging work I’ve undertaken.

It’s a huge responsibility to hold someone’s heart safe. It’s also a huge honor. What I get when someone stands on their own two feet, possibly for the first time, is worth every moment because it shows me time and again we are not too wounded to heal. Often all it takes to heal, is having someone believe in us. I am so grateful when I get to be that someone.