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Jesus certainly took sides!


There seems to be a perception among some people that because I have a spiritual page and am devoted to God I am not supposed to speak about politics. I am not supposed to take a side. I’m supposed to turn the other cheek or remain silent and just watch while negative and evil consumes us.

Well, Jesus certainly took sides. He spoke up against those in political and religious influence who abused their power over others. He would be doing the same thing in a huge way today! That gives me the courage to do so also.

It’s time we understand we are in a battle between good and evil. This fight

is not about politics. It’s about world domination of a foreign autocrat who is attempting to destroy all democracies. A dictator who is using (blackmail, control, manipulation, extortion, lies, division, propaganda) against people in the United States and around the world to accomplish his goals.

So, I for one am not interested in facing God and having to explain why I did not stand up against those in power whose actions and words are clearly aligned with that evil.

Yes, I am devoted to God and to helping bring about the positive change we all want to see. And we cannot create positive change by staying silent about or blind to what we see happening or by vilifying those who have the courage to speak #TruthToPower

Seriously, what’s in it for those who seek truth and justice? Other than possibly saving the world and our democracies.

Anyone who says they love God or Jesus must not allow themselves to be manipulated by those with an evil agenda. We must seek fact. We must open our eyes to the truth of what is happening with clarity, honesty, and open hearts. We must listen, learn, stay informed, and act.

To love God and be the positive change we want to see in the world it’s time we agree on what we are fighting for – God who is on the side of respect, equality, honesty, patience, peace, thoughtful resolutions to our challenges, and justice for those who abuse us, divide us, limit our rights, or seek to rule us.

In November VOTE for those women and men whose behavior has clearly been proven to be on the side of God.