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Would we just crucify Jesus all over again?

dove of peace

Today, I was reading an article on the website of a leading news organization written by a seasoned investigative journalist and decided to look at the string of comments.  As a public figure and someone devoted to integrity and God I have been trolled on a few occasions over the years. But, I was taken aback at the number of hateful comments made against the man’s fact based reporting by people who voluntarily identified themselves as Christians.

Yet, I was not really surprised. Over the past several decades I have noticed a growing incongruence within the political and religious arenas in the United States between some who call themselves Christians and behavior that is anything but Christ-like.

Maybe these people attend a congregation where the vilification of those who are perceived to be social, political, religious, or ideological enemies originates from the pulpit.  Possibly they listen to and believe the plethora of misinformation disseminated

by radio, television, and internet mouth pieces who are paid to insight hatred and division within our country.  Maybe their rationalizations for bullying others is fueled by the current president of the United States who uses Twitter to vilify others. Perhaps people who defend their morally bankrupt actions or those of people in positions to abuse their power over others, believe God is on their side.

To love Jesus we must admit trolling others, spreading division, defending those who participate in these behaviors, offers nothing positive to our society or to our spirituality.  God is not on the side of anyone who spreads lies, propaganda, misinformation, conspiracy theories, and hatred of others. God is not on the side of those of us who say we love Jesus while defending the behavior of those in positions of power or influence who have been corrupted by abuse of power.

I love Jesus and I am confident Christ would most definitely confront those who are using his name to bring shame to Christianity. Jesus would be disappointed in those who are ignoring their foremost Christian responsibility to be people of integrity. Jesus would point out they have fallen victim to allowing others to think for them, to feel for them, to control them. And, sadly, we must also realize that by speaking up against these people, I fear Jesus would himself fall victim to their dishonorable character assassination.