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Never Stop Asking Questions

We are being taken advantage of and we are apathetically allowing it.

To truly be spiritual people who lead with the higher wisdom of our heart it is important to accept that while we are to remain peaceful agents of positive change we have a responsibility to question what petitions we are asked to sign, what causes we are asked to support, what advertising, sales tactics, people, and “entertainment” we allow to influence us. We are responsible for questioning what we have been taught to believe, what we are exposed to on the internet, and what we hear, read or see over other media outlets.

Simply because it is out there does not mean it is true or real. Just because someone is good looking, famous, charming, seemingly intelligent, has a position of power, or is wealthy does not mean he or she is a person of honorable character. Merely because a company or long standing institution is well-known does not mean it is out for our best interest.

Let’s not allow ourselves to blindly follow anyone or anything. We have a higher responsibility to be intelligent, to think for ourselves, to gather facts instead of relying on opinion or blind emotion, so we are best informed about what we are doing, where we are going, and what and whom we are supporting, and why.

Let’s be powerful, peaceful, and positive agents of change and challenge status quo. Let’s carefully evaluate what and who we are exposed to with the positive, responsible values of our heart so we can differentiate between those who are truly honest, responsible, and who are devoted to moving us positively forward, from those who are not.