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Shopping is Not Good Therapy


There was a time when I compulsively shopped to surround myself with things.  For me collecting stuff meant I was successful. One day I woke up emotionally and accepted the fact I was surrounded by things which never really made me happy.  I realized if I lighten the load I would feel better about myself.

First, to de-clutter required me to stop the purchasing cycle. When I compulsively shopped it was an attempt to fill the holes within my heart.  Shopping therapy is not healthy as it is one way to distract ourselves from core issues we are not addressing.  Part of the healing process is recognizing things will never provide the emotional satisfaction we want.  To heal emotionally we must look inside and deal with the reasons we are surrounding ourselves with things. In fact, confronting our issues is the only way to gain freedom from them.

Second, I went through every room, drawer, closet, etc. and selected items that were not needed or wanted.  Items hold energy.  I made certain to keep only those things that hold positive energy for me.  I sold, donated, or gave away everything I no longer wanted or needed.

Third, I made and kept a promise to myself I would not replace the objects. Instead I looked inward to find the peace, balance, and identity for which I longed.

Success, satisfaction and fulfillment do not come from what we collect but from the relationships we establish. With ourselves and with others.



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