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Romancing Your Soul Podcast

Romancing Your Soul is a podcast where I share what I’ve learned with the goal of helping you create a joyful life. As a champion of heart my common sense tips will make your relationships better, your communication clearer, and your boundaries healthier.

137: Love Listens to Understand

136: Let’s Take the Perfection Pressure Off

135: Your Life Mission-BE Happy

134: When Self-first is Not Selfish

133: Your Love Is Strong, But…

132: It Takes Two to Tango

131: How I lost 63 Pounds and How I Keep it Off

130: Attention Deficient No More

129: Financial Responsibility Buys Happiness

128: Get Away From the Everyday

127: I am Getting Married

126: Listening to Our Whistleblowers

125: Top Ten Best Gifts We Can Give Children

124: God, Absolutely Why Not Me!

123: Why Do You Do What You Do?

122: You are Powerful to Heal a Painful Past

121: I Love You

120: A Change in Perspective can Change our Destiny

119: A Self-less Act of Love

118: To Be Happy, Deal with Your Unhappiness

117: Dreams Do Come True

116: What do You Want To Accomplish In 2016

115: Out with the Old, In with the New

114: To Christians on Christmas

113: Think Deeply About What You Think 

112: Things Cannot Buy Love

111:  How to Create Great Relationships

110: The Power of Gratitude to Change Your Life 

109: Teach Yourself and Your Children to Say No

108:  Let Love Be the Hat You Wear

107:  You Have a Body but You Are a Soul

106: Love Yourself to Truly Love Others 

105: Change You to Change Your Relationships 

104: Be Strong On Your Own

103: Master Your Mind That Has a Mind of Its Own

102: Face Your Fear to Grow Your Faith

101: Lead With Your Heart

100: How To Age Without Aging

99: What is God to You?

98: Staying Kind Makes You Feel Good About You

97: Time to Get Mad As Hell

96: Love is Sweeter Than Sugar

95: The Tough Side of Love

94: What to do When Life is Not Fair

93: Finding Sameness in Our Difference 

92: I Don’t Think God is Okay with Gluttony

91: Kindness is Key to Creating a Joyful Life

90: How to Make Albert Einstein Proud

89: Pay Attention When God Speaks

88: Embrace and Nurture the Little Wounded You

87: How to Make a Relationship Last

86: Other People’s Rudeness is Not Personal 

85: How to Break a Habit 

84: Ten More Signs You Love Yourself

83: Choose to Spread Love 

82: It’s Time to Break Out of The Mold

81: Love Yourself First to Love Others Well 

80: Three Ways Your Respect Will Change the World

79: One Thing ALL Superheroes Have in Common

78: Your Parent’s Religion Does Not Have to be Your Spirituality

77: One Way to Create Peace and Balance

76: Stop Multitasking to Get More Done

75: Communicate with Care

74. Time Is More Valuable than Gold

73: Successful Relationships Are Built on Trust 

72: Work to Grow Beyond Ego

71: Face Challenges Head-On

70: Accept What Is

69: Admit When You Are Wrong

68: Love Approaches Everyone as a Unique Individual 

67: Remember Your Actions Teach

66: Do What You Can Beforehand

65: Thank Those Who Help You

64: Being Right Is Highly Overrated

63: Acts of Kindness Make Your Heart Sing

62: The Goal, to Romance Your Soul

61: You are Alive at The Perfect Moment in Time

60: Lifestyles of the Happy and Content

59: Forgive Yourself so You can Forgive Others

58: How to Stop Giving Painful Memories Power Over Your Present

57: Good People Are Everywhere

56: A Lie is Like a Boomerang, It Always Comes Back to Knock Us Down

55: Care How it Will Feel

54: What to do When You Can do Nothing

53: Life Falls Apart for a Reason

52: Loyalty is Responsible, But Not When it is Blind

51: Boundaries Must Be Enforced

50: Ten Ways to Love Others

49: Soul is Whole no Matter How Wounded Your Human Being

48: How to Help Protect Your Heart

47: The Business Side of Love

46: Gratitude is the Way to the Happiest Life

45: Be the Little Engine That Can

44: Do Better Because You Know Better

43: The Responsibility You Have for the Happiness of Others

42: Your Life, Your legacy, Your Choice

41: Change Yourself to Change Your World

40: Ask Questions, Be Informed, Learn Truth for Yourself

39: Keeping Up with the Crowd is Highly Overrated

38: Self-Control is True Power

37: Be a Better Person Today Than You Were Yesterday

36: View Setbacks as New Opportunities to Move Forward

35: Create Relationship Win-Wins

34: Let Go of The Idea People Should Know Better

33: Only Doing Gets Things Done

32: Love Others by Taking Good Care of Your Body

31: Don’t Believe What People Say You Should Believe

30: You Are Not Meant to Be Like Anyone Else

29: The Grass is Always Greener Where You Water It

28: How to Survive a Relationship Breakup

27:  How to Live Without Regret

26:  Love is Powerful to Heal any Relationship

25: Appreciate the Amazing Gift That is Life

24. Love Expresses Emotion in Healthy Ways

23:  Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

22: Boundaries Create a New You for the New Year

21: Slow Down to Speed Up

20: We Cannot Change Other People But we Can Love Them

19: The Real Reason for the Season

18: Treasure the Healing Power of Pleasant Memories

17: Love Lets the Little Things Slide

16: Embrace Your Emotions

15: Confidence is an Inside Job

14: Only You Know What is Best for You

13: Receive With the Same Grace That You Give

12: You Are A Spiritual Being on a Great Human Adventure

11: Be The Person You Want to Attract

10: There is s Difference in Being Victimized  and Being a Victim

09: Be a Superhero

08: How to be Powerful, Purposeful, and Peaceful

07: Ten Signs You Love Yourself

06: Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life

05: Being an A-hole is a Choice You Don’t Want to Make

04: A Life Filled With Drama is Just Not That Entertaining 

03: Healthy Relationships Need Healthy Boundaries

02: Share a Smile, Make a Friend

01: Overcome Loneliness by Being Okay on Your Own