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Practice Your Faith

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When I was in my late thirties I drove a little pick-up truck. On the back I had a Practice Random Acts of Caring and Kindness sticker. One day I was at a full-service gas station and a young man in his late teens who was filling my tank said, “I like your sticker but I don’t understand why you would have the sticker and also carry a big stick in the cab of your truck?”

There is a saying, “Out of the mouths of babes” meaning profound wisdom does not only come with age. His observation was a soul opener. He was right. How could I profess to be a supporter of peace and kindness and carry a big stick as if I was looking for trouble? I reached in, took the stick out and put it into the trash can.

I was reminded of my big stick and bumper sticker experience recently. I was on an LA City Bus when a man wearing a cross and carrying a Bible started an argument with another man over a seat. I thought to myself, “What an amazing world we will create when each of us who professes to be a faithful follower of an enlightened messenger of peace actually behaves aligned with the kind, respectful, tolerant, and loving tenants of our faiths.”