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Put Your Heart Into What You Do

koi fish

This is an origami Koi fish created by a friend of mine who works in the medical field. She is an expert at origami as a hobby and creates many beautiful things. She says creating this Koi fish takes her the longest amount of time and it is the hardest. About six hours. WOW! Such patience and dedication for something she does just for fun.

I asked why she spends so much time doing these when her other creations take much less time. With a huge smile she replied, “Because they are the most challenging and take the most time.” Simple yet profound wisdom from an artist who reminded me  satisfaction and joy come from putting our heart into what we enjoy; no matter how long it takes.

You’ve heard the saying anything worth doing is worth doing well. No matter what you do in life put yourself into it. Be passionate about your hobbies, the everyday chores you must do, and the times you play just for fun. The quality of life truly is found in the moments we are fully immersed in what we are doing. We feel life move through us to create, to enjoy.