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Respect is a value we must all hold dear.

We rise

Two women in Arizona thought it was a good idea to vandalize a Mosque. They also thought it would be great to bring three children along to help.

The women have been arrested. They took a video of their actions and posted it to Facebook. One of the children can be overheard spewing hatred.

My heart breaks when I hear of these type actions against our brothers and sisters of different religious faiths. My heart also breaks for the children. They are being taught by two women whose behavior calls into question their ability to properly nurture the children into respectful and responsible citizens. They are children whose lives are ahead of them.  They are too young to say no to their mother. Yet, this very thoughtless action will tear their lives apart. And the lives of their mothers.

Anyone who exhibits this behavior is not on the side of God. And God does not side with them.

God gave us free will. No matter how small our actions, you and I have

responsibility to God to think before we act. We have the responsibility to ask, “If I do this, what could be the possible outcome?”  We have the responsibility to care how our behavior and words will impact ourselves and others. We must care about our conduct and what it teaches children.

That’s why God also gave us a big heart so we can feel what it will be like to be on the receiving end of our behavior. It’s always wise to consult our heart, the part of us that allows us to put ourselves in the position of others, before we do something that will negatively impact our life and the lives of others, forever.

Please join me in saying a prayer for all involved. Let’s pray they learn to be better representatives of God’s love. Let’s pray you and I are a living example to others of how to live and love like Jesus would.