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RYS 076: Stop Multitasking to Get More Done

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You and I live in an attention-deficit world. We navigate within social and business environments that expect us to experience life in nanosecond visual blips and sound bites. To keep up, fit in, or be seen as successful by the world, we buy into the assumption we can and should do more than one thing at once. We believe multitasking saves time. The fact is, multitasking not only causes errors to go up but we also slow down.

• The term “multitasking” originated with computers.
• The computer’s processor seems to accomplish multiple tasks at once because of time-sharing but computers do not actually doing more than a single thing at a time; they rotate through several tasks many times a second.
• Research shows human beings cannot switch tasks as a computer does and when we do attempt to multitask the incidence of errors goes way up and it takes far longer to accomplish the job than if tasks were done sequentially.


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