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Tell People You Appreciate Them


I was walking behind a man who was smoking. He stopped, dropped the cigarette on the sidewalk and crushed it out with his shoe. Almost everyone I see smoking flicks the still lit butt into the street or on the sidewalk. For too many years that is exactly what I did until I became conscious of the negative impact my cigarette butts had on the environment, animals, children and other people. So I was very surprised when the man bent down, picked up his cigarette butt and put it into the trash can.

“Thank you so much,” I said. He looked completely surprised as he took my extended hand. While holding his hand in mine I said, “I really appreciate you putting that into the trash can.” He said, “You’re welcome. I always dispose of them. Since I smoke it is my responsibility to clean up after myself.”

As he turned to leave I said, “You are a good man. Have a wonderful day.”  “Thanks, you too,” he replied.

Responsible people rock. This week look for those who do responsible things and thank them.  Supporting others in doing the right thing will make you feel good about you too.