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The Most Intelligent Part of You

woman making heart

After decades of searching for one action that will consistently create a life of joy, fulfillment and peaceful relationships I realized we simply have to lead with our heart rather than our head. Our mind thinks and that’s great for certain tasks like balancing our bank statements, solving a math problem, arranging action steps in a logical and efficient sequence so we accomplish our goals. All of these skills are necessary to creating our most efficient life. BUT our mind does not feel.

We cannot create intimate, fulfilling and peaceful relationships with our mind. We create deep and sincere relationships, with ourselves and with others, by relying on the wisdom and caring of our soul. Why? Because only our heart, our soul, feels.

Heart is the part of us where honorable character values like empathy, compassion, respect, honesty, accountability, etc., live.  So when we feel the impact of our actions, thoughts and words before we act or speak, chances are excellent that what we do, think and say creates the very best outcome.

It takes conscious awareness to care about our thoughts, words and actions. From experience I know that stopping to ask ourselves how it will feel allows us to consult our heart.  While our mind will always tell us it is the smartest part of us, the most intelligent part of us is heart, our soul because that is our direct connection to God.

Asking, “How will it feel?” is asking, “God, what is the right thing to say or do?”  Only our heart cares to listen for the right answer.